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Mill Gentle Air oil filled radiator 1000W Black

An oil-filled radiator never looked better – if we dare say so ourselves! The Mill Gentle Air has an elegant, modern design, and resting on a stand it looks as if the heater is gently floating in the air. The black edition is perfect for homes with a darker colour palette.
The portable, stylish heater is quiet and safe to use without supervision. Living up to its name, the Mill Gentle Air is a gentle heat source that neither burns dust nor dries out the indoor air. With its unique closed shape, it spreads the heat around the room a lot faster compared to traditional oil-filled radiators. This makes it heat up a room 29% faster, as the closed shape forces the hot air to rise faster, distributing the heat more efficiently. We call it Mill Heat Boost Technology. Mill Gentle Air 1000W is a great allround heater. This model will keep small rooms heated. It has an advanced day/night program, which enables you to lower the temperature when your are not there. You can actually save up to 25% of your power consumption by doing this.

At a glance

Scandinavian design
Complements the modern home
Energy efficient
Reduced energy consumption
Day & Night program
Automatic temperature control
Gentle heating source
Does not dry the air
5 year warranty
Premium quality


  • 1000W
  • Mill Heat Boost Technology
  • Beautiful design
  • Tip-over switch (the heater turns itself automatically off if it tips over)
  • Over heating protection (the heater will turn itself off if it gets over heated)
  • Easy to use control
  • Aluminium feet for that extra quality
  • 3 heat settings: 400/600/1000W
  • Colour: Mill Black
  • Size: 26,8 * 26,1 * 65,6 cm (Width * Depth * Height)
  • Model name: AB-H1000DN BLACK

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