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Mill Dehumidifier 12L

This is a dehumidifier in a minimalistic and stylish design. The model will dehumidify 12 litres/day, which means it will fit perfectly for drying clothes or soaking up some moist in your basement. Whatever the use, Mill dehumidifier will let you know once it is time to empty the water tank. The handle makes it easy to move around according to your needs. Digital operation with timer function for easy usage.
To obtain an effective and power saving dehumidification, it is very important that the product has enough air circulation capacity to handle this. Mill TG12 is constructed in a way, so that it maximises the air circulation in the room. The moist air is heavy and will in most cases lie near the floor. It is therefore of outmost importance that the dehumidifier has a strong motor to suck inn all the moist air.


  • Compressor based dehumidifier – High efficiency, large dehumidifying capacity and relatively small in size
  • A moist environment can cause growth of bacteria and mould. Prevent this by using a dehumidifier
  • Fits perfectly for keeping a constant relative humidity level of 50% (recommended level)
  • Very low power usage (Max 185W)
  • Low noise (Max 45 dB)
  • Can opeate in a wide range of temperatures: 5-35 degrees Celsius
  • Drainage pipe (100 cm) included for continuous operation
  • Recommended room size: 15 – 20 m2



How does a dehumidifier work?

  1. A fan pulls in the moist air into the dehumidifier
  2. The moist air goes through a series of very cold spirals
  3. The moisture form the air drips down into the water tank (or in the drainage pipe if you have installed that)
  4. The now moist free air goes through a heating element, where the air is heated to its original temperature
  5. Warm and moist free air is blown into the room from the top of the dehumidifier

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Other features

  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Recommended room size: 15-20 m2
  • Capacity (80% relative humidity): 12 liters/day (30 degrees Celsius)
  • Capacity (60% relative humidity): 6,8 liters/day (27 degrees Celsius)
  • Operating temperatures: 5-35 degrees Celsius
  • Capacity water tank: 2,5 liters
  • Moisture settings: 20-80%
  • Drainage pipe: Yes (100 cm)
  • Timer function: Yes (24 Hours)
  • Refrigerant gas: R290a/55g
  • Rated power: 163W
  • Max power: 185W
  • Product size (W x D x H cm): 32,0 x 19,0 x 49,0cm
  • Model name: TG12


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