Mill Compact Pro WiFi heat pump 5200W





At a glance

WiFi + App control
Energy efficient heating
Provides 5.1 x more heat than power consumption
8 year warranty
Premium quality
Highly efficient heating/cooling distribution
Airflow: 800 m³/h
Energy class heating/cooling
Max. capacity heating/cooling
Energy efficient cooling
Provides 9.7 x more cooling than power consumption
Mill Compact Pro WiFi heat pump 5200W is an energy-efficient heat pump with high capacity in a compact design. The heat pump can be easily controlled with the Mill app on your mobile phone. This allows you to achieve both everyday comfort with temperatures adapted to your daily routines, as well as energy savings as the temperature is lowered when you are away or asleep.
The Mill app is the same app that controls Mill WiFi heaters, which means you can have full control of the heating in your home in one and the same app. With this smart heat pump, Mill gives you the ultimate Scandinavian home comfort with high heating efficiency and comfortable cooling adapted to your personal needs. Developed for Nordic conditions, the heat pump is efficient even on particularly cold days (factory tested down to -30°C). This model is recommended for medium sized open room solutions up to 100 m². This product is only available in the Nordics.

At a glance

WiFi + App control


  • Recommended room size (depending on insulation and floor plan): 100 m²
  • Heat capacity: Max: 5200W, Nominal: 3600W, Min: 500W
  • Cooling capacity: Max: 4500W, Nominal: 2700W, Min: 500W
  • Airflow volume m³/h: 800/650/600/500/400/300/250 (depending on fan level)
  • COP: 5,0
  • SCOP: 4.0 (-7°C)/5.1 (-0°C)/6.3 (+7°C)
  • SEER: 9,7
  • Energy class (heating) A+/A+++/A+++/A+++
  • Energy class (cooling): A+++
  • Control: WiFi + Mill App and remote control (battery type: AAA x 2)
  • Sound level indoors: Max 42 dB/ Min 23 dB
  • Sound level outdoors: Max 56 dB
  • Refrigerant type: R32
  • Voltage: 220V-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Dimensions indoor unit (L x H x D in cm): 77 × 29 × 23
  • Dimensions outdoor unit (LxHxD in cm): 87,3 × 55,5 × 23
  • Weight indoor unit: 10 kg.
  • Weight outdoor unit: 36 kg.

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High capacity in a compact design

Despite its compact size, the Mill Compact Pro WiFi heat pump has a high capacity with a maximum output of 5200W. The heat pump is designed for Nordic conditions and has a heating capacity of over 3400W at -15°C.

The heat pump has a very high airflow rate of 800 m³/h, ensuring fast and efficient heat distribution in the home.

Its compact design makes it easy to place, and with its discreet and elegant design, it fits into any home. The heat pump is significantly smaller than other heat pumps with the same capacity. Dimensions inner part in cm: L:77 x H:29 x D:23.

Energy-efficient and cost-saving

An air-to-air heat pump uses far less electricity than the heat output it provides. Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) shows the ratio between heat output and electricity consumption during a whole year.

This model has a SCOP of 5.1, which means that the heat output is more than five times higher than the electricity the heat pump consumes.

To get the best utilization of SCOP, it is crucial that the heat pump has a high airflow rate so that the air is distributed quickly and efficiently over a large area. Mill Compact Pro WiFi 5200W heat pump has one of the market’s highest airflow rates of 800 m³/h and therefore ensures this.

Energy class (heating): A+

Comfortable cooling in summertime

The heat pump also ensures a comfortable temperature in the summer. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) shows the ratio between the heat pump’s cooling output and electricity consumption.

This model has a SEER of 9.7, which means that the cooling output is over nine times higher than the electricity the heat pump consumes.

Control heating and cooling with the Mill App

Get a full overview of heating and cooling in your home. The Mill Compact Pro WiFi heat pump can be easily controlled with the Mill app, the same app used to control WiFi heaters, WiFi Socket, Sense indoor climate sensor and air purifier from Mill. This gives you full control of temperature, air quality and power consumption in a single app.

Using the app, you can set up a weekly program where the temperature is tailored to your daily routines. This way, you always ensure comfortable temperatures, without wasting money on heating while you’re away or sleeping.

Intuitive app control

The heat pump connects easily to WiFi and the Mill app via Bluetooth.

The Mill app is the most popular and user-friendly heating app on the market according to customer reviews in Google Play and the App Store.

The heat pump can also be controlled with the supplied remote control.

Improved air quality

Mill Compact Pro WiFi heat pump is equipped with two filters that clean the air of dust, bacteria and pollen, so you get better air in your home.

The heat pump is a gentle heat source that is good for the indoor climate. Its low surface temperature means that it does not dry the air.

Comfortable and steady heating

The heat pump is equipped with advanced PID technology that provides an even and comfortable temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, the heat pump will maintain this temperature by lowering the power level, providing more stable heating with less temperature fluctuations.

Quiet operation

Enjoy comfortable temperatures without disturbing noise. Mill Compact Pro WiFi heat pump is quiet in operation with a noise level of 23-42 dB for the indoor unit. Every dB counts as the dB scale is logarithmic. This means that a heat pump with 50 dB is ten times noisier than one with 40 dB. At its lowest, the dB level is as low as 25 dB, which is as quiet as rustling leaves.

The maximum noise level for the outdoor unit is 56 dB.


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