We are continously working on offering our users the best solutions to manage their Mill WiFi heaters. In addition to our top-rated app and an open API, we can offer the following integrations.


Mill WiFi heaters are integrable with Tibber, the energy company that ensures you the smartest power deal. You can use the Tibber app to control your Mill devices in the same way as in the Mill app and you will also have access to the “smart heat management” function that can control your heating according to the price of electricity. This means that it will control the Mill units to heat up as much as possible when the electricity price is lowest – without compromising comfort.


Futurehome is an innovative smart home system that easily allows you to make better use of your home. With Futurehome you can control lighting, climate, fire alarms, security  and of course heating in the home.

Home Connect Plus

With Home Connect Plus, you can set up central, intuitive control of your smart home solutions or create personalized automations – in just a few steps and without much effort. Home Connect Plus is a hub for your smart home as it allows you to control various smart home devices and systems, including your Mill devices of couse.