Heating simulation Dec. 2022 – Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The test was conducted by using the detailed building performance simulation software (IDA ICE 5.0) for analyzing the energy consumption and indoor thermal comfort inside a test room, where an adjacent room is set around the heated test room.

PhD candidate H. Yin, Associate Prof. M. Hamdy (NTNU), December 2022


·        Product: Mill Generation 3 WiFi Panel heater, PA600WIFI3. The test was conducted against the non-smart panel heater from Mill.

·        Room: 10 m2,

·        In door temperature schedule: 22 °C, 18 °C and 16 °C (At home, at night, away)

·        Adjacent rooms: 16 °C, Exhaust air rate of 1.2m³/(h·m²) to adjacent room

·        Outdoor temperature scenarios: +7 °C, 0 °C, -7 °C

·        Insulation: Well insulated: TEK 10 (u-value outer wall 0.18), Poor insulated: typical characteristics of old Norwegian building (u-value outer wall 0.38).


·        3-way conduction with outdoor and relatively cold adjacent rooms with high ventilation means a relatively conservative simulation.

Results: Simulated heating consumption per month:

*The non-smart heater consumed 316 kWh in a poorly insulated house at -7 °C outside.