Five reasons you should choose a smart heater.

Smart heaters from Mill are here to stay. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting one yourself.

1. Reduce power consumption

Smart Panel Heaters enable full control of heating temperatures via your smartphone. Through the Mill App you can program temperatures to automatically adjust to daily routines, and control as many heaters and / or rooms as you like. What more? By automatically lowering heating temperatures while you are at work, sleeping or traveling, there is quite a bit of money to be saved on electricity costs. You can reduce as much as 32% of your heating power consumption. In addition, you do not have to worry about coming home to an unpleasantly chilly home as the smart heaters will heat the room to the desired temperature and times you set in the app.

2. Heater control from anywhere at any time

Whether you are on the go or in your home, with WiFi-connected Mill Smart Heaters you have full control over household temperatures and electricity consumption through the Mill App and WiFi-connected smartphone. Want to make sure the cabin is ready for your arrival this weekend? No problem, with smart heaters and a smartphone with internet access you can arrive to a lovely, preheated cabin. Forget to lower heating temperatures or turn off your heaters when leaving for the holidays? No worries, you can fix that in the Mill App. Our app even has a pre-set holiday mode to guide you on what heating levels would be good to keep while you’re away.

3. Childproof

All Mill heaters are childproof to varying degrees, while our smart heaters are the most secure with a “child safety” app activation. When activated, children cannot change the heater’s temperature nor turn the heater on or off. Our panel heaters are also particularly suitable for children’s rooms as they are especially designed to maintain a low surface temperature. All Mill heaters, including portable heaters, come with overheating protection and rollover protection.

4. Integrations

Through the Mill App, all Mill Smart Heaters are privy to an open API. The Mill App has a specific integration with Norwegian power company Tibber, so that you can use the Tibber and Mill apps interchangeably to control your heating devices. Tibber works to ensure customers the smartest electricity deals, and with their integrated app you receive full overview of household power consumption, statics as well as functions to help you reduce both electricity consumption and expenses. Our Mill Generation 3 Heaters additionally have a local REST API, allowing you to control your heaters with your own smart home solution.

5. Stable heating

control your wifi heater with the app

Mill Smart Panel Heaters are the first and only panel heaters with PID control technology. When a desired temperature is reached, our heaters reduce their power levels instead of switching off as traditional heaters do. This provides a more stable heating with less temperature fluctuation. And based on personalized app specifications, our heaters know when to start heating to achieve a desired room temperature. A heater learns how fast/slow the room goes up/down in temperature over time, a function which helps avoid unnecessary power consumption from unnecessary electricity usage! Ensure stable, comfortable temperatures exactly as you see if, while also saving both your wallet and the environment.

Here are some of our smart heaters:

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