Five reasons you should choose a smart heater.

1. Reduce power consumption Smart Panel Heaters enable full control of heating temperatures via your smartphone. Through the Mill App you can program temperatures to automatically adjust to daily routines, and control as many heaters and / or rooms as you like. What more? By automatically lowering heating temperatures while you are at work, sleeping […]

6 tips on saving electricity with smart heaters.

With ever rising electricity prices we know that many people are reluctant to use electricity. Fortunately, there are several steps you can make to reduce the energy consumption associated with heating. Here are our best electricity saving tips. 1. Turn off the heaters or lower the temperature while you are away. A typical scenario: you […]

Five reasons why you need an air purifier

Indoor air quality is often much poorer than most people realize. This can be due to number of factors, such as outdoor air pollution, pollen, combustion sources, building materials, chemicals, and airborne diseases. One many think poor indoor air quality can easily be changed by simply opening a window and get fresh air in, but […]

12 Frequently Asked Questions About Panel Heaters

1. Are panel heaters flammable? Mill Panel Heaters are completely safe as long as they are properly used per instruction manual. They can be safely left on unattended due to their safe x-aluminum heating element and relatively low surface temperature. All Mill products are CE approved, meaning they are tested and approved in accordance with […]

Mill WiFi heaters with unique PID technology and easy connection to WiFi.

Heating accounts for over 60% of a household’s electricity consumption. Smart heaters can help reduce heating electricity consumption by as much as 32%! With Mill WiFi heaters you can have full control over your heating temperatures and electricity consumption via your smartphone. Through our Mill-app you can program temperatures to automatically adjust to daily routines, […]

Which patio heater should I choose? An outdoor heating guide

Highly efficient outdoor heatsource with Infrared heating technology Mill patio heaters consist mainly of outdoor heaters with an infrared heating technology. This is the most efficient heating technology for outdoor use. The reason for this is that infrared heat only heats what it hits, just like the sun. This means that the patio heater does […]

Mill Sense – what do you know about the air you breathe?

Mill Sense Air measures the air quality in your home, so that you can ensure a healthy indoor climate for you and your family. This smart indoor air quality sensor measures humidity, TVOC (toxins and chemicals emitted from everyday items), temperature and eCO2.

Reduce your power consumption with Mill WiFi

control your wifi heater with the app

Did you know that heating accounts for more than 60% of a household’s power consumption?* With Mill WiFi integrated heaters, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your daily routine. Avoid wasting money on electricity while you are away from home or asleep in bed. This smart heating solution benefits the environment by reducing […]

Quickguide to choosing the right heater

Choosing the right kind of electric heating for your home can be quite difficult as there are many different types of electrical heaters. Not to mention a wide range of wattages to chose from. The aim of this guide is to help you navigate the different types of electric heaters offered by Mill to make […]