12 Frequently Asked Questions About Panel Heaters

1. Are panel heaters flammable?

Mill Panel Heaters are completely safe as long as they are properly used per instruction manual. They can be safely left on unattended due to their safe x-aluminum heating element and relatively low surface temperature. All Mill products are CE approved, meaning they are tested and approved in accordance with strict European requirements and directives.

2. Which panel heater is best?

Mill WiFi Panel Heaters are customer reviewed in Google Play and the App store as the best and most user-friendly panel heaters on the market. In addition, our Mill App is also rated the most popular and frequently used smart heating app!  With Mill WiFi Panel Heaters our customers have full control over heating temperatures and electricity consumption, AND they can ensure comfortable temperatures while saving both their wallet and the environment from unnecessary electricity usage.

3. How much electricity does a panel heater use, and how much would that cost?

Mill Panel Heater electricity usage depends on the room’s desired heating temperature, time used to heat the room and panel heater’s watt size.

At Mill we recommend 70-100 watts per square meter. Recommended watts per square meter varies due to a house’s insulation, ceiling height, number of windows, if the floor is cold, etc. Every household electricity usage will thus vary depending on these factors. Mill Panel Heaters themselves, on the other hand, are 1:1 energy efficient due to their convection technology. This meaning 100 watts of consumption = 100 watts of heating.

In regards to associated costs, electricity spot prices in Norway can greatly vary depending on the how much water is available in power plant reservoirs.

For example:

In 2020, a Mill Panel Heater with 600 watts would cost:

0.6 kwh x 50 øre per kwh = 30 øre per hour*.

*The average price of electricity Norway in 2020 was 133 øre (which is equivalent to about 0.15 USD cents) per kwh.

Obtain full control over your heating temperatures and electricity consumption with our Mill WiFi Panel Heaters and Mill App. The Mill App has a specific integration with Norwegian power company Tibber, so that you can use the Tibber and Mill apps interchangeably to control your heating devices. Tibber works to ensure customers the smartest electricity deals, and with their integrated app you receive full overview of household power consumption, statics as well as functions to help you reduce both electricity consumption and expenses.

4. What kind of panel heater should I choose?

Choose a Mill Panel Heater based on your household needs and preferences. Mill Panel Heaters are available in two elegantly minimalistic designs, Invisible and Glass. With its soft, rounded edges and gently curved front, Mill Invisible Panel Heaters blend so seamlessly with your wall they appear as though invisible. Mill Glass Panel Heaters have an exclusive, contemporary glass front that elegantly complements any modern home. Glass or steel, Mill Panel Heaters range between 8 different watts from 250W to 2000W. Whatever model you choose it is important the heater’s total wattage effect is large enough in relation to the size of the room it will be heating. You can also combine several smaller heaters to obtain the correct watt size. Choose between day/night program or WiFi with app control models to adjust temperatures in accordance with your daily routines. Day / night heaters provide a manual timer setting function to help save on energy consumption on a daily basis, while heaters with WiFi app control does this plus provides on-the-go flexibility if daily routines change.

5. Should I choose a panel heater with or without WiFi?

If you have a household with internet connection we recommend investing in smart WiFi panel heaters. With Mill WiFi Panel Heaters you can have full control over heating temperatures and electricity consumption via your smartphone. Through our Mill App you can program temperatures to automatically adjust to daily routines, and control as many heaters and / or households as you like. Whether you are on the go or in your home you have full control over house temperatures and electricity consumption. Not another smart home gimmick, Mill WiFi Panel Heaters will save both you and the environment from unnecessary electricity usage by giving you flexibility and accessibility to your heaters at all times. If you already have an heater that doesn’t need to be replaced but you wish to invest in a smart WiFi panel heater you can easily make your heater smart with a Mill WiFi Socket. Our Mill WiFi Socket is specialized to connect heaters to WiFi and allow them to be used just like Mill WiFi Panel Heaters.

6. Which is better: panel heater or oil-filled radiator?

Mill Panel Heaters can provide a comfortable base temperature throughout your home, and can be safely left on unattended due to their safe x-aluminum heating element and relatively low surface temperature. If you have little free wall space or simply want a more mobile flexible heating source that is also safe to use without supervision, Mill Oil-filled Radiator is a great alternative. Our Mill Oil-filled Radiators are designed so that the heating element itself is not in direct contact with air, meaning it does not have the possibility to burn dust or dry out indoor air. This making it the perfect choice for households with allergies or asthma.

Mill Gentle Air oil filled radiator 1500W
Mill Glass panel heater 600W

7. Where should I place the panel heater?

Mill recommends placing panel heaters under windows to prevent cold drafts on the floor. In a large room, it is better to place several smaller heaters around the room instead of one large heater in order to provide an even and comfortable heat distribution.

What distance should I have between a panel heater and other objects, such as curtains or a sofa?

All Mill Panel Heaters have a minimum required distance between the heater itself and other objects. As described in the instruction manual, the minimum distance is 5 cm on the side and 10 cm in front and above the heater.  

It is recommended to place the oven under the window to avoid cold drafts.

8. What is a cold draft?

Indoor cold drafts and/or drafts from windows can occur when a window’s cold glass cools down the surrounding air, which then falls down and spreads along the floor. To counteract this we recommend to place a Mill Panel Heater under the window itself so that the chilled air is prevented from spreading across the floor. Mill Panel Heaters come in different watts and sizes, and offers especially designed panel heaters for low windows. These models are identifiable with the letter “L” in the model name, such as IB1000LDN or GL850LWiFi3

9. How do panel heaters work?

Mill Panel Heaters have a large surface and a modern x-aluminum heating element that is in direct contact with the air. While providing fast and efficient heating, this also allows for the heat to be evenly distributed rather than from one concentrated area. This consequently generates a relatively low surface temperature on the heater itself and also doesn’t dry out the surrounding air while heating. This is good for your household indoor climate and can provide a comfortable base temperature throughout your home

10. Which panel heater should be used in children’s rooms?

All Mill Panel Heaters can safely be left on unattended due to their x-aluminum heating element and have a relatively low surface temperature of a maximum 69 Celsius. Our panel heaters have overheating protection meaning they automatically switch off if the heater is ever accidently covered. Mill Glass Panel heaters are especially suited for children’s rooms as the tempered glass front absorbs less heat from the heating element. This providing the lowest possible surface heat available; our 600W to 1200W Glass Panel Heater models having a maximum 51 Celsius surface temperature. Additionally, the back of the glass has a film that holds the glass together which does not allow the glass to break into dangerous sharp pieces if ever there were an accident. Mill Panel Heaters Generation 3 are especially designed with a Child safety lock function that can be activated in app or directly on heater, preventing children from adjusting the heater’s temperature.

Mill Invisible panel heater, low model that fits perfectly under a low window.

11. How to clean a panel heater?

At Mill we recommend turning off the heater and using a slightly damp non-woven cloth to wipe the outer surfaces. If you have dust inside the oven, we recommend buying a compressed air box suitable for cleaning electrical products. Do not open the panel heater yourself, if necessary contact Mill HQ or your local distributer for support. 

12. What is the difference between a panel heater and heat pump?

Heat pumps convert outdoor air into warm indoor air through a large compressor. A complicated device, this machinery needs to be installed by a professional in a specific location in the home, requiring permanent household alterations. Though a reliable heating source, it is an economic investment that will take time to receive profit on electricity consumption savings. Additionally, when outdoor temperatures reach significant negative temperatures heat pumps may struggle to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and panel heaters are often required as supplemental heating.

Mill Panel Heaters are a more convenient and easier economical household investment. Providing fast and efficient heat, their large surface and safe x-aluminum heating element provides a comfortable household base temperature. Choose between day/night program or WiFi with app control models to adjust temperatures in accordance with your daily routines, and save both your wallet and the environment from unnecessary electricity usage.

Easy self-instalment, whichever Mill Panel Heater model you choose will fit seamlessly into your home.