Scandinavian-designed electric WiFi heaters for home comfort and energy efficiency.

Plug-and-play heating solution equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Calculate your energy consumption with Mill WiFi Heaters.

Selective Distribution Network Policy

Mill International is dedicated to delight consumers across the globe with best-in-class product technology and user experience. 

Our aim is to ensure a high and consistent standard of service at all consumer touch points. This is to guarantee that the consumer’s experience with the app, the product, and local consumer service aligns with local expectations, regardless of location. 

Purchasing from the Selective Distribution Network ensures that all the local safety requirements and product standards are met. We offer 5 years warranty on Mill products purchased from a Mill authorized reseller. For purchases from other retailer’s local warranty rules applies. The Selective Distribution Network Policy applies to EU and EEA.


Would you like to be authorized as a reseller for Mill, please email


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